You are hereProposition 8 calls democracy into question

Proposition 8 calls democracy into question

By jason - Posted on 15 November 2008

It is interesting that the pro-homosexual marriage crowd seems to be calling into question the democratic process.

Students at Illinois State University held a protest at the campus and several people agreed with one students statement.

“The rights of a minority should never be put to a popular vote”

They say a broken clock is right twice a day. This student just happened to surpass most Christian leaders when she stumbled across this truth.

The rights of the minority should never be put to a vote by the majority. Rights don't come from crowds and especially not the majority. Rights come from our Creator.

Most Christian leaders know this but use Democracy as their platform because they are ashamed of the truth or don't believe truth works really well.

Popular opinoin has been on the side of conservative Christianity for much of our nations history and as a result has lulled Christians into embracing a worldview that is not biblical and wrong.

Even worse, many Christians are following Democracy OVER righteousness.

Homosexuality is not a right, in fact it is a wrong. So even when the tide turns here very shortly we need to encourage our leaders to be accountable to God and not to their district.

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Much Legislation is passed by many governments across the world on LGBT people. But the society still discriminates them. It’s great to hear that governments are starting to accept the LGBT people. They are having a tough time working to find their place in the society. tablet pc wholesale

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According to my opinion homosexuality is not good and is a wrong thing. But each of them has a different opinion so I don’t blame anyone for this. It's your choice, but in my point of view, it's not good. So trust yourself and believe in God always.Indian Army world

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Prop 8, authoritatively titled Proposition 8 Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry, was a statewide vote suggestion in California Assignment expert Voters affirmed the measure and made same-sex marriage unlawful in California. A government judge decided that Proposition 8 is unlawful under the U.S. Constitution and banished its authorization.

The most important news from the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in the Proposition 8 litigation, as any one of the newly happily married couples can tell you, is that marriage for same-sex couples is now legal again in California, and the stigma of Proposition 8 has at last been lifted.

I am not persuaded that popular government is the best framework for any country. The reason is that we have numerous cases from nations where majority rules system is likewise captured. Perusing our will make it clear for you that a country needs equity and different necessities regardless of they originates from customary vote based system or some other framework. Do my Research Paper for Me

It's perceived at the moment by most workers as good and bad by corporations and business owners who think democracy gives too much power to the workers because workers want to protect the environment, fair compensation for their work, worker's workplace safety, pay someone to do my essay etc. Because profit is the main object of CEOs and their corporations and stockholders, which a fair amount of workers are, but not like big brokerage houses like Goldman Sachs, etc. democracy restricts their maximum profit that they can make and so they try to get rid of democracy and civil rights so democracy slips into fascism, such as Mussolini's corporate state.

We have a confident Creator. Amidst this bedlam and agony, our Creator permits us to hold on and attempt to hit the nail on the head. This does not occur in some excellent, clearing signal. It is quotidian, customary, and diligent. Saints are manufactured on the blacksmith's iron of motivation at the time of most prominent need.Rip Hunter Long Coat

All citizens should be provided the right to express their opinions unless what is the meaning of saying we are democratic. I feel the authorities should consider all the opinions rather than being partial to a certain group of individuals. funny socks

Great move. All citizen should participate and show your view. This is the greatest way to show your reaction to the government.
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As it were, vote based system is not idiot proof. Sooner or later size makes most govts need to marginally change their belief system so they are a blend of ideas. Purchase Essay Online. So most political frameworks in many nations don't meet the EXACT meaning of the govt in an established sense.

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In an article with relatives Davis law teacher Alan, Amir collected that Brown's contention "is a reception to the court to undertaking outside of the crate all in all with get some in turn about the reason and meaning of a state foundation.

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