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Obama endangering AIG employee lives

AIG has had to hire security guards to protect employees due to death threats and increased violent anger against the company.

President Obama and many other politicians have been inciting violent outrage against employees of AIG that got paid "too much" for doing their jobs.

Politicians are further endangering these citizens by demanding their names be made public and recommending suicide while inciting public outrage that is quickly turning violent.

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A more honest Christian Voters Guide

Everyone and their mother has come out with a voters guide for the upcoming election.

The AFA has their Values Voters Guide. PDF

Wall Builders has their Voter Issues Guide.

Sojourners has their liberal Voting All Your Values Guide. PDF

So, in good form, we came up with our own Christian Voters Guide. Download it and pass it around. We think it is the more honest guide.

Obama plan would expand faith based welfare

Obama plan would expand faith-based program

President Bush seduced American Christians into socialism and now that the barrier has been broken, Obama is carrying the torch.

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