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Nebraska "safe-haven" law allows parents to abandon teenagers "safely"

Safe-haven laws exist in almost every state. They allow parents to abandon their child "safely" at a fire station, police station or hospital.

Nebraska just joined the bandwagon with their own safe-haven law allowing parents to legally drop of their minor child of any age at a hospital for any reason.

First no-fault divorce says any couple can break their contract for any reason. Now with no-fault child abandonment, being a parent to your child is optional.

I bet there are laws against doing this with your cat. Too bad, mine is a bit wily.

The Horror: Gonzales v. Carhart

Hell and all it's Angels could not have written a more horror filled decision than the U.S. Supreme Court wrote on April 18, 2007. These five men -- these empty robes, wrote with a cold heart and a depraved and reprobate mind.

See theses horrific excerpts from Gonzales v. Carhart --

Ripping arms and legs off are less shocking

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