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Obama endangering AIG employee lives

AIG has had to hire security guards to protect employees due to death threats and increased violent anger against the company.

President Obama and many other politicians have been inciting violent outrage against employees of AIG that got paid "too much" for doing their jobs.

Politicians are further endangering these citizens by demanding their names be made public and recommending suicide while inciting public outrage that is quickly turning violent.

CNN Video

Capitalism is Freedom

Capitolism is being attacked and questioned by more and more these days, which is funny because capitolism as an economic system that is based on freedom.

an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

In a free country people are not equal economicaly, everyone has free choices and can make themsleves into whatever they want. In a prison everyone is equal -- like North Korea. In North Korea their socialist economy is based everyone being equal and therefore no one is allowed to leave without being shot in the back.

Societies should be based on what is right and just not what works, is secure or is convienent.
Freedom is what is right and a society shouldn't trade it for temporary financial gain and security.

What's Wrong with the Bailouts?

It has been proven in recent months, that political power does not lend itself to constraint. As financial institutions and companies all over the country have started spiraling because of bad loans and uncontrolled debt, the politicians have swooped in to the save the day.

With trillions of dollars being passed out to banks and other companies, many columnists, pundits and politicians are crying foul for various reasons.

  • It's too much money
  • It's not enough money
  • No golden parachutes for executives
  • There's not enough oversight
  • It's a bad investment
  • It won't work
  • It's putting the country further into debt
  • Yet, do any of these address the real problem with the bailouts?

    You Shall Not Steal

Proposition 8 calls democracy into question

It is interesting that the pro-homosexual marriage crowd seems to be calling into question the democratic process.

Students at Illinois State University held a protest at the campus and several people agreed with one students statement.

“The rights of a minority should never be put to a popular vote”

They say a broken clock is right twice a day. This student just happened to surpass most Christian leaders when she stumbled across this truth.

The rights of the minority should never be put to a vote by the majority. Rights don't come from crowds and especially not the majority. Rights come from our Creator.

Most Christian leaders know this but use Democracy as their platform because they are ashamed of the truth or don't believe truth works really well.

Australia - Down Syndrome child is burden on society

Dr. Bernhard Moeller, a family physician from Germany came to a small town in Australia to fill their need of more doctors in their community. Everything was going fine until the bureaucrats approving their residency found out their son was a useless eater.

You see, their son has Down Syndrome.

The immigration agency sent them a denial letter stating that their son would be a burden on their socialist utopia because of his "existing medical condition".

"(Lukas) ...would pose a burden on taxpayers for his medical care, education and other services."

Dr. Moeller has every intention of paying for and supporting any of his sons needs. But universal healthcare doesn't allow responsible parents to pay their own way. Universal is universal.

Joe Biden gets grilled by reporter

Shocking! Joe Biden get grilled by a reporter from WFTV.

I'd love to know who orchestrated this. I was rolling in my chair. Someone either got fired or promoted for this.

A more honest Christian Voters Guide

Everyone and their mother has come out with a voters guide for the upcoming election.

The AFA has their Values Voters Guide. PDF

Wall Builders has their Voter Issues Guide.

Sojourners has their liberal Voting All Your Values Guide. PDF

So, in good form, we came up with our own Christian Voters Guide. Download it and pass it around. We think it is the more honest guide.

New Documentary reveals danger of the ever shrinking family

As an 8th grade student I remember writing an email response to a UN article about China's population control problem.
I wrote something to the affect "laws in China limiting the number of children may be too harsh but we must do something about the worlds over-population problem"
(For a while there my response was the first thing that came up on a Google search for my name.)

I was duped into believing that people were weeds and too many of them was a problem. Now I know that people are extremely valuable assets that you can never have too much of.

The consequence of this over-population hysteria and the break down of the family is what is brought to light in the new documentary Demographic Winter.

The film postulates the economic crisis that will proceed in the coming years if populations continue to shrink in all of the first world nations as they currently are.

Nebraska "safe-haven" law allows parents to abandon teenagers "safely"

Safe-haven laws exist in almost every state. They allow parents to abandon their child "safely" at a fire station, police station or hospital.

Nebraska just joined the bandwagon with their own safe-haven law allowing parents to legally drop of their minor child of any age at a hospital for any reason.

First no-fault divorce says any couple can break their contract for any reason. Now with no-fault child abandonment, being a parent to your child is optional.

I bet there are laws against doing this with your cat. Too bad, mine is a bit wily.

Dr. Dobson breaks long time pledge

Dr. James Dobson, leader and founder of the worlds largest christian ministry (Focus on the Family), has violated his long time pledge."

On April 28, 1990 at the Rally for Life in Washington DC he stated --

I want to give a pledge to you on a political level... I have determined that for the rest of my life, however long God lets me live on this earth, I will never cast one vote for any man or woman who would kill one innocent baby.

He was specifically referring to Republican candidates that are pro-life with exceptions.
See him give his pledge in the video below.

He now has stated publically that he will "pull that lever" for John McCain, who not only supports abortion but advocates using tax payer dollars to pay for them.

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