You are hereHas Child Protective Services called Bill Ray Cyrus yet? Probably not.

Has Child Protective Services called Bill Ray Cyrus yet? Probably not.

By jason - Posted on 05 May 2008

What would happen to a man that was caught taking photographs of his 15 year old daughter in various stages of undress in sexually suggestive and sultry poses and then posted those pictures on the internet.

Even in our broken system I believe the majority would consider this a crime and rightfully so. An investigation would take place. A trial would occur and this man would be convicted as a child predator. He would then be separated from his children and then be registered as a sex offender.

How come Hollywood has different rules by which the justice system meets justice?
How come if instead of taking the pictures himself - a world class photographer takes them?
How come if instead of posting them on the internet himself a magazine company publishes them online and in print?

How come Billy Ray Cyrus can take his daughter (Hannah Montana) to Vanity Fair to have this done in front of a dozen witnesses and a hundred social workers around the country will read about it and not bat an eye?

They don't care. They don't care because they have been trained by a depraved system that doesn't know right from wrong. And it is spilling over into everything so that most people, even Christians, will not recognize this as the crime that it is.

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