You are hereBoth McCains commited to abortion

Both McCains commited to abortion

By jason - Posted on 11 September 2008

McCain, Bush and Keyes talk abortion issues. McCain rebukes Bush for not allowing abortion in certain cases.

Cindy McCain didn't get the memo that her husband is now pro-life.

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The above two videos are very emotional especially for the women. No any women want to abortion but sometime situation become so tough which show in these videos. However, I try to get some reviews of but we should learn from such videos which have lessons for us.

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In some of the countries Abortion is illegal. Where as in USA and other European countries the abortion rate is increasing day by day. You can also check our site for more.

For Pete's sake, I think the only clear and cognitive person in that discussion was Alan Keyes...and I don't even agree with him half the time!

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