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Dr. Dobson breaks long time pledge

Dr. James Dobson, leader and founder of the worlds largest christian ministry (Focus on the Family), has violated his long time pledge."

On April 28, 1990 at the Rally for Life in Washington DC he stated --

I want to give a pledge to you on a political level... I have determined that for the rest of my life, however long God lets me live on this earth, I will never cast one vote for any man or woman who would kill one innocent baby.

He was specifically referring to Republican candidates that are pro-life with exceptions.
See him give his pledge in the video below.

He now has stated publically that he will "pull that lever" for John McCain, who not only supports abortion but advocates using tax payer dollars to pay for them.

Sarah Palin supports Pro-choice candidate

Sarah Palin, the new hero for Christian pro-lifers and conservatives, is supporting a man for president who is pro-choice -- John McCain.

How can she be a pro-life hero when she works day and night to convince American pro-lifers to vote for a pro-choice candidate.

Both McCains commited to abortion

McCain, Bush and Keyes talk abortion issues. McCain rebukes Bush for not allowing abortion in certain cases.

Cindy McCain didn't get the memo that her husband is now pro-life.

Terror in the Womb: The Forgotten Victims of 911

On Thursday, September 11, our nation remembers the victims of the terror attacks of seven years ago in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. Every American remembers where they were when we were attacked, just as we remember where we were when President Ronald Reagan was shot, or when the Challenger space shuttle blew up on take off, and for those of us old enough when JFK was assassinated. On September 11, 2001, I was in Miami, FL driving one of the Center For Bio-Ethical Reform’s (CBR) Reproductive “Choice” Trucks. Just as I was on the phone with local reporte! rs attempting to secure some media coverage of our pro-life billboard truck project, the tragic news came over the radio. I will never forget that day.

Global Warming causes ice to grow???

Global warming causing California glacier to grow, scientists say

Didn't all of this madness start when Al Gore showed pictures of glaciers SHRINKING!

Touch blue make it true!
No Eraseys. (Dumb & Dumber)

Obama plan would expand faith based welfare

Obama plan would expand faith-based program

President Bush seduced American Christians into socialism and now that the barrier has been broken, Obama is carrying the torch.

Designer Baby

A British woman has made history by conceiving the country's first "designer baby" guaranteed to be free from hereditary breast cancer.

Designer baby? What they really mean is that she conceived 11 children killed 6 defective children, stored 3 for later and is trying to carry the last two. Is that like "designing" the Fatherland?How about "designing" the Master Race?It has a much more appealing ring to it than "genocide". Shoot, back in the day they even had some softer terminology -- "Cleansing the Fatherland". Almost sound hygienic.

Has Child Protective Services called Bill Ray Cyrus yet? Probably not.

What would happen to a man that was caught taking photographs of his 15 year old daughter in various stages of undress in sexually suggestive and sultry poses and then posted those pictures on the internet.

Even in our broken system I believe the majority would consider this a crime and rightfully so. An investigation would take place. A trial would occur and this man would be convicted as a child predator. He would then be separated from his children and then be registered as a sex offender.

How come Hollywood has different rules by which the justice system meets justice?

The Horror: Gonzales v. Carhart

Hell and all it's Angels could not have written a more horror filled decision than the U.S. Supreme Court wrote on April 18, 2007. These five men -- these empty robes, wrote with a cold heart and a depraved and reprobate mind.

See theses horrific excerpts from Gonzales v. Carhart --

Ripping arms and legs off are less shocking

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