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What's Wrong with the Bailouts?

By nathan - Posted on 12 December 2008

It has been proven in recent months, that political power does not lend itself to constraint. As financial institutions and companies all over the country have started spiraling because of bad loans and uncontrolled debt, the politicians have swooped in to the save the day.

With trillions of dollars being passed out to banks and other companies, many columnists, pundits and politicians are crying foul for various reasons.

  • It's too much money
  • It's not enough money
  • No golden parachutes for executives
  • There's not enough oversight
  • It's a bad investment
  • It won't work
  • It's putting the country further into debt
  • Yet, do any of these address the real problem with the bailouts?

    You Shall Not Steal

    The fundamental problem with bailouts is that they are a violation of God's eternal commandment "Do not steal." In today's climate of moral relativism we are so quick to analyze the practicality of political actions yet completely ignore the morality of those actions.

    Maybe we have given up the moral high ground because our government has stolen from it's citizens for so long to buy votes and other avenues to power.
    Maybe we are making arguments based on utility because we have no expectation that our leaders will consider matters of right and wrong. But even if we were to successfully convince our leaders that bailouts won't work practically, we would still lose the most important battle for the soul of our nation.

    Even if our political leaders turn a deaf ear to our "moralizing" and "preaching" based on righteousness, there are still many others who are listening to what we say. Will they hear us offering just another opinion on what works or will they hear us lifting up the standard of righteousness and truth.

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