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A more honest Christian Voters Guide

By jason - Posted on 30 September 2008

Everyone and their mother has come out with a voters guide for the upcoming election.

The AFA has their Values Voters Guide. PDF

Wall Builders has their Voter Issues Guide.

Sojourners has their liberal Voting All Your Values Guide. PDF

So, in good form, we came up with our own Christian Voters Guide. Download it and pass it around. We think it is the more honest guide.

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This is trully christian blog!

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They certainly aren't the only two candidates out there, and that's what this "voters guide" is trying to remind people of.

Alan Keyes recognizes the personhood of the unborn, opposes all abortion, even when the baby's father is a rapist, opposes Mengele-type medical experiments on the tiniest of humans, opposes socialist fiscal policies, would fight the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan hard and fast to get us out of both places in *victory* as soon as possible. He would veto every socialist and immoral bill that comes out of Congress, and nominate only judges that respect God first and the Constitution second.

Keyes in '08!

I find it interesting that people think these tickets are the only ones out there!!

This is great! Finally, an honest look at the candidates.

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